Transportation Buildings Recycling Centers Structural Steel Frames

Transportation Buildings Recycling Centers Structural Steel Frames

Industrial Prefabricated Steel Buildings, Metal Warehouse Buildings, Storage Buildings

In heavy industry it requires prefab steel construction buildings to be built to withstand heavy loads and harsh years of transporting equipment and goods. As a business partner and leading manufacturer in China, We take your project from concept to completion. We provide design, engineering, fabrication, and more, ensuring your steel building project meets your immediate business needs.

Manufacturing Facilities

Metal Warehouse BuildingsTransfer Stations and Truck Terminals

Steel Crane BuildingsIndustrial Parks

Transportation Buildings

Automotive Buildings and Body ShopsAirports and Aircraft HangarsOil and Gas Buildings

Ethanol Processing Centers

Recycling Centers

Multi-Level Buildings

Office Warehouse Buildings

Saw Mills and Lumber Yards


Catalogue as per shapes:

Round metal buildings

Square & rectangular metal buildings

Oval buildings

Umbrella type sheds